Key Facts

The global building stock in numbers:

98% – The percentage of buildings that already exist.

70% – The amount of current building stock that will exist in 2050.

1.5% – The percentage of new buildings being created each year.

People and energy:

33% – Organisations believe that reducing staff numbers will save them money.  They could save more by analysing their built environment.

20% – Business expenditure is on energy making it the second highest expense for a company after staffing which can be up to 60%.

The UK’s CO2 levels and targets in numbers:

45% – The percentage of UK carbon emissions that come from the built environment.

42% – Scotland’s target for reducing CO2 emissions by 2020.

20% – The percentage of commercial buildings accounting for total emissions.

213,000 – Number of commercial properties in Scotland.

Energy and sustainability:

20% – Cost savings that are being missed out by businesses.  Behaviour change and implementing energy saving techniques can achieve this.

81% – CEOs who state sustainability is embedded in their corporate strategy.

40% – Companies doing nothing to tackle energy management in commercial built environment.

£200 – The amount added to a company’s bottom line for every tonne of CO2 that is avoided.  This amount will continue to rise as carbon taxes and energy prices keep increasing.